Monday, October 26, 2009

Decorating with Hand Blown Glass Vases

Whether your home decor is modern or traditional, regional or rustic, hand blown glass vaseshave a part to play. Antique hand blown glass vases or glass vases in dramatic styles such as tulip or tower can stand alone as decorative accessories, sans floral arrangement. Or you can use your hand blown glass vase as the foundation of a tiered centerpiece or home makeover project.

How to Accent with Hand Blown Glass Vases
Here are a few techniques we've discovered that can turn your hand blown glass vase into a useful accent piece:
-Transparent glass vases or hurricane vases are ideally suited to display small ornaments, candles, or curio objects.
-When used as centerpieces, hand blown glass vases should reflect the medley of colors and shapes in a room.
-Add texture and vertical cohesion to a room with a grouping of hand blown glass vases in different sizes.
-Iridescent hand blown glass looks particularly striking in combination with a mirror or on top of a sunlit end table.

Giving New Life to Old Vases
If you've owned a hand blown glass vase for many years and want to replace it, consider giving it a makeover. Treat your vase to a new paint job, or learn the art of decoupage and practice it on some hand blown glass accessories you've left in storage. Another project you might enjoy is giving your vase a little Caribbean style by gluing rows of craft rope or jute twine around its base and neck.

Do It Yourself
Glassblowing is gaining popularity as a hobby, so if you've been searching for a new project, try taking a few glassblowing classes. Glassblowing classes are often available from community colleges, art centers, or even glassblowing studios. If it's something you enjoy, you'll be able to create your own hand blown glass vase.
If you're located in the Madison, Wisconsin area please consider taking a glassblowing class from Maatwerk Studio - for more information about the classes we offer go to

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