Friday, July 31, 2009

Art as Self-Discovery

“One purpose of life is to discover who we are. Finding out who we are, though, is not as easy as it would seem. We are so much a part of the group that we have to listen very closely to discover our inner self… what our uniqueness is. It is when we finally hear the truth of ourselves that we discover our own creativity. This process of self-discovery is as important as the possible products of that discovery.” - Joyce Wycoff

Glass is a fluid medium, which is constantly in flux. The ability to heat and shape glass, and continuously reshape it is endless; just as we as individuals have the ability to endlessly remake ourselves. When working with glass, we become aware of the truth that we can mold our lives into any shape we desire, if we are willing to brave the heat and put in the time and energy necessary to do so.

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